Street-Level Tables

A space that is open to Las Salesas thanks to its large windows, from which you can enjoy views of Plaza París, one of Madrid’s best-kept secrets.


It’s the perfect place to see the entire show.

With the kitchen within view, the grill crackling, and our “fish tank” and showcase displaying the pieces we’ve just received.

It gives you that “sea to table” experience that we like to talk about so much, from the comfort of our more informal tables.

The best choice for meals with friends or lunches before heading back to work; here, you can enjoy the same menu as in the basement restaurant, but in a more relaxed atmosphere. Here, you can share some of our dishes and pair them with our wines by the glass, which include a selection of outstanding bottles that we preserve using the “Coravin” system so that you get a perfect pour every time.



A true “show cooking” experience within your reach.