What is El Señor Martín?.

El Señor Martín is where you can enjoy the best fish and seafood in Madrid. Pieces meticulously selected at source, expertly prepared with the minimum of fiery intervention to preserve and enhance the optimum qualities of each product.

What is El Señor Martín?

El Señor Martín is a place to enjoy the best fish. We offer carefully selected pieces and use the grill as our favourite form of expression.

A return to our origins, the sea and fire.

El Señor Martín.

We are a restaurant devoted to seafood.

Passionate and obsessed with offering only the best product of artisanal fishing from the Spanish inshore fish markets, the grill is our favourite form of expression, although not the only one.

From every port.

The Sea changes every mile. The currents vary in temperature, the salinity fluctuates. The gravel, the live rock, the seabed, its depth… All this creates marine diversity, the fish varying according to the port you are in. It even changes its taste and colour. That is why it is so important for us to bring the best quality local species from each fish market, visiting all the ports along the coast, through their flavour.

The best fish and seafood.

Our commitment is clear: recognisable yet surprising dishes, in which the essence and flavour of our marine “jewels” are preserved: Turbot from Galicia, Red Prawn from Denia, Red Tuna from Cádiz, Angles from ….. We select our fish one by one, scrupulously respecting the biological cycles and looking for the best moment for each species.

In our first year of life we were recognised as the Best Traditional Restaurant in Madrid by the Metrópoli Guide. We are recognised by prestigious guides such as Michelin, Repsol, Traveler or Macarfi Madrid.

Sustainability and commitment to the origin from which everything is born, the Sea.

We scrupulously respect the stoppages and biological cycles of fish and shellfish, always at an adult age, in order to conserve the richness and quality of our seas.

It is very important to us that the fishing chain is responsible, respectful of the environment and natural resources. That is why we only serve fish of optimum size, quality and freshness, because we are sure that our customers love the sea as much as we do.

All this is done with one goal in mind: to create a haven for fish lovers.