The Kitchen Bar

Front row seats. Over 15 metres from which to enjoy the most direct and casual El Señor Martín Experience.

barra de la cocina

The bar in Madrid with the best Sea views.

It is a live bar with a direct line to our kitchen, where you can appreciate the freshness of the fish of the day and the gastronomic spectacle by glimpsing what comes out of the cooker and the grill, experiencing “what is cooking”. Without intermediaries. The here and now.

barra de la cocina

A favourite among the most sybarites.

It offers the same exceptional service and menu as at the table, adding fun and exclusivity, as you will have the opportunity to be served by the head chef, who not only advises, but also offers hidden gems, those pieces or parts of the fish, of which there is only one and which, due to their uniqueness, do not make it onto the menu.

A love menu to the Sea.

A careful selection from the restaurant’s main menu: novelties, fresh produce, fried foods and delicatessen that will vary according to the season to satisfy those who are looking for the most emblematic tapas, and those who want to try something more unique with daily suggestions that are only served at our bar.

Toast like nowhere else.

Our range of premium and singular wines is varied and constantly updated. Enjoy a wide range of whites, reds, sparkling and fortified wines by the glass, not forgetting a good beer and other spirits to accompany your round.

If the Sea doesn’t stop, neither does our bar.

So it is. In our bar located on the seafront you can enjoy a variety of wines perfect for pairing with an aperitif or tapas, from 13:30h to 23:00h from Tuesday to Saturday and our kitchen from 13:30 to 16:00h and from 20:30 to 23:00h.

Take a look at our bar menu.