We invite chefs who share our obsession to our kitchen.

We invite chefs who share our obsession to our kitchen.

The best of the sea.
The best cooking it.

Señor Martín not only goes to the last kilometer of the coast to find the best fish. If along the way we meet chefs who love the sea as much as we do, we open our kitchen to them.

Unrepeatable encounters for a lucky few.

It is very likely that the chefs who cook exceptionally in our kitchen have not visited Madrid before. It is very likely that you do not want to miss this experience.

Last guests

El Señor Martín x Sa Llagosta

Sa Llagosta visited us from Menorca last November to celebrate a heartfelt tribute to the Mediterranean lobster in 6 passes.

El Señor Martín x Los Marinos José

One of the temples of Fuengirola, Los Marinos José, joined us at the end of April with a menu that showed his devotion to seafood and fish from the south.

El Señor Martín x Güeyu Mar

From the heart of Asturias and with an admirable respect for the product, our brothers from Güeyu Mar gave us an ode to the greatest treasures of the Cantabrian Sea.

Don’t run out of table

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