The Sea, cooked on fire

Welcome to the Shrine to Fish in Madrid

Fish, only fish?
Yes, and only the best.

Each piece of fish or seafood is the absolute reference in its category. We select them daily after talking to fishermen, producers and our scouts at the fish market of origin.

Cooked with respect, preserving its essence. Without frills. Because when it’s good, less is more.

An ode to the most sublime product.

Freshly caught fish and seafood that reach us within hours; KM 0 products. Little known species and those that can not miss, all from artisanal inshore fishing of the Spanish coasts.

We advocate a minimum igneous intervention of: fire and embers, steam, coals, stews, fried, pickled, roasted, cooked separately, raw… filling the palate with sensations, textures, flavors and memories – creating new ones.

A place for every moment

The Sea in the front line.

A cosmopolitan space with an eclectic interior design and an open kitchen.

Divided into two floors and different areas:

The Street floor has tables and a gastronomic bar.

The Ground floor is the more intimate space with a main room and a private lounge.

You will always find the best option for every type of occasion: business lunch, meeting with friends, celebrating a special occasion or holding a private event, among others.

Street Floor – The best Sea views in. Madrid.

The most social atmosphere at El Señor Martín, where you can eat at the table or at the bar.

If you are one of those who want to contemplate everything that is “cooking” in the kitchen and take the pulse of the more daring and casual side of the restaurant, the bar is the place for you.

Ground floor – The calm Sea.

Our most intimate space, where you can savour seafood products with the tranquillity and comfort of enjoying a relaxed atmosphere and a long after-dinner conversation.

It has a private room where you can celebrate a lunch or dinner in a more private and exclusive way.


We are part of the Michelin Guide 2024, we have a Sol Repsol 2024 and we are present in Traveler and Macarfi Madrid.

We are recognised as the Best Traditional Restaurant in Madrid by the Metrópoli Guide.

Choose your space at El Señor Martín.

Three different ways to have a completely fish-focused experience.